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Iver Village Hall is run by Iver Community Association (Registered Charity No. 1033924)

Please send completed form to: Mrs M. Clarke, 90 Dutton Way, Iver, SL0 9NX (Tel 01753 654765; Email


Payment Details

Cheques should be made payable to ‘Iver Community Association’

BACS :  HSBC a/c: 71038443; Sort code 40-27-34


Application to hire facilities at Iver Village Hall

Hirer/Applicant Name:

Promoter/Company Organisation (if applicable):


Post Code:

Email address:

Telephone Number:

Mobile Telephone Number (for day of booking and during function/event):


Date of function/event:

Date of booking:

Time required.   From:                                                   To:
(Times to include all setting up and packing away.  Any extension to these times must be agreed and will be charged).


Purpose of Event:

Number of people attending:

Age range of attendees:

Is there live entertainment (music/drama) ?

Will alcoholic drink be available? (If yes, please see Condition 5 of Conditions of Hire)   YES / NO.  If YES, how will it be supplied? Eg Free of charge, pay bar, included in price of ticket, donation?


Facilities Required

Main Hall


Huntsmoor Room

Coppins Room

Delaford Room

Crockery and Cutlery at £1.00 per set (details on request).  Number of sets required?



Booking deposit £30 (payable on booking) – Date paid:

Balance Due (payable 30 days prior to event – if event is less than 30 days then balance is due upon booking) – Date paid:

Total Hire Cost £               Date paid:

Damage deposit  £100 (this deposit will be retained if damages are made during the hire period).     Date paid:


Agreement of Hire

I agree to pay the above charges, agree to all the Conditions of Hire and will be responsible for compliance with licence conditions and maintenance of safety and security for the event.  I confirm (if applicable) that I have the authority of the company/organisation to agree to this hire and will pay for any damages that may occur

I have seen and read the Conditions of Hire (signature of hirer):                              Date:

Signature for Iver Village Hall:                                                                                           Date:

Please sign and return both copies of this completed booking form.  One copy will be countersigned on behalf of Iver Village Hall and returned to you to confirm your booking.

Booking will not be confirmed until completed copy of booking form and deposit of £30 is received and acknowledged.