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Conditions of Hire


  1. All applications for the hire of the hall or committee rooms must be in writing on the booking form and forwarded on completion to the Bookings Secretary. The person by whom this application form is signed shall be considered the hirer.  Where a promoting organisation is named, that organisation shall be considered the hirer and shall be jointly and severally liable hereon with the person who signs the form.
  1. All hirers except constituent bodies and members must pay the booking fee in full 56 days before the booking date.
  1. The premises hired shall not be used for any purpose other than that stated on the application form.
  1. Where alcohol is provided by selling, such as pay bar, included in the price of a ticket or by asking for a donation, then an alcohol licence (Temporary Event Licence) must be applied for from South Bucks District Council licencing. The person applying for this licence must be on site for the duration of the licence and a copy must be displayed during the event. A copy of the licence must be provided to Iver Village Hall in advance of the event date.  Failure to do this will result in your being unable to supply/sell alcohol at your event.  No events may be advertised stating the availability of alcoholic drinks for sale without the prior permission of IVH Management Committee.
  1. The premises shall not be used for any type of public entertainment or performance requiring the licence of any local or other public authority unless such licence shall have first been obtained by and at the expense of the hirer.
  1. No copyright dramatic or musical work shall be performed or sung without the licence of the owner of the copyright and all such licences shall be produced to the Bookings Secretary before the commencement of the hiring. The hirer shall indemnify the owners of the Hall against any infringement of copyright which may occur during the hiring.
  1. All advertising of events should conform to the conditions of hire.  Advertising includes posters, newspaper inserts, magazine inserts, tickets, radio and television announcements, social media, internet websites, and all other forms of media. Advertising which contravenes the conditions of hire may result in the forfeit of deposit.
  1. The owner of the premises shall not be responsible for any loss of or damage to any property arising out of the hiring nor for any loss damage or injury which may be incurred by or be done or  happen to any person or persons resorting to the premises during the hiring arising from any cause whatsoever or for any loss due to any breakdown of machinery failure, of supply of electricity, leakage of water, fire, government restriction or act of God which may cause the premises to be temporarily closed or the hiring to be interrupted or cancelled and the hirer shall indemnify the owner against any claim which may arise out of the hiring or which may be made by any person resorting to the premises during the hiring in respect of any such loss damage or injury.
  1. The owners of the hall reserves the right to put a stop to any entertainment or meeting not properly conducted.
  1. The caretaker or any other employee or agent of the Management Committee who is in attendance during the whole or part of the period of the hiring and who performs any service for the hirer, whether or not in relation to anything mentioned in the last foregoing condition, shall be deemed to have acted as the servant or agent of and on behalf of the hirer as if temporarily in his employment.



  1. The hirer shall be solely and personally responsible to the Management Committee for the following matters:
  • The conduct of all persons coming into or using the premises as his guests or otherwise in connection with the hiring;
  • That all such persons leave the premises by the time the period of hiring expires and do so in a quiet and orderly fashion;
  • That no unlicensed gambling, gaming or wagering takes place on the premises;
  • That no riotous, unlawful, disorderly or unseemly conduct or activity takes place on the premises;
  • That no damage, breakage or loss occurs to the premises or to any furniture, fittings or equipment belonging to or in the care of the Management Committee;
  • That he or she or a representative of the hiring body be in charge of and present in the premises for the purpose of ensuring that the conditions of the Premises Licence are properly observed during the period of hire.  The conditions of the said Premises Licence be displayed on the notice board situated in the foyer of the building;
  • That at the end or the hiring:
    (i) The premises and all such furniture, fittings and equipment as aforesaid are left clean and tidy.
    (ii) All litter and rubbish is taken away or placed in the proper dustbins or receptacles provided for the purpose.
  • The hirer shall ensure that any electrical appliance brought by him/her to the premises and used there shall be safe and in good working order, and used in a safe manner;
  • The hirer shall ensure that no animals – except guide dogs and assistance dogs – are brought into the building;
  • Smoking is NOT permitted in any part of the building at any time;
  • The Hirer shall ensure that NO fireworks and chinese lanterns are used on the Village Hall site.
  1. The hirer shall be responsible for not allowing any nuisance to be caused to other users of the village hall either by excessive noise or irresponsible behaviour.
  1. The hire of the hall does not entitle the hirer to use or enter the premises at any time other than the specific hours for which the hall is hired unless prior arrangements have been make with the Bookings Secretary.
  1. The hirer shall not sub-let the hall or any part thereof.
  1. Property of the hirer and the hirer’s agents must be removed at the end of the hiring or fees will be charged for each day or part of a day until the same is removed. The owner of the premises accepts no responsibility for any property left on the premises after hiring.  In the case of bazaars, jumble sales and any other occasion when property is brought into the premises for sale all property remaining unsold at the termination of the hiring will be considered to be the property of the hirer for the purposes of this condition.
  1. No bolts, nails, tacks, screws, bits, pins or other like objects shall be driven into any part of the premises including the stage nor shall any placards or other articles be fixed thereto. Nor shall any blu tac or similar substance be used to affix notices etc. to the brickwork or plasterwork of the premises.  Where supplied the notice boards must be used.
  1. No flags, emblems or other decorations shall be displayed outside any part of the premises without prior consent of the Bookings Secretary.
  1. The hirer shall remove any flag, emblem or other decoration displayed inside the premises if, in the  opinion of the Management Committee, it shall be unseemly or expose the premises to an undue risk of fire or in the opinion of the Management Committee is likely to lead to disturbance or breach  of the peace.
  1. All scenery used for stage performances or the like must be fireproofed.
  1. No exits may be blocked, chairs or obstructions placed in corridors or fire appliances removed or tampered with.
  1. No aerosol cans to be brought onto the premises. Illegal substances are not allowed on the premises.
  1. No additional lights or extension from the existing light fittings shall be used without the previous consent of the Bookings Secretary.
  1. The seating and dancing capacity of the premises given below is the maximum allowed by the local authority and the hirer undertakes that these limits will not be exceeded:

Room                                                  Seating                     Dancing
Hall                                                           200                               250
Coppins Room                                        30                                 30
Delaford Room                                       30                                 30
Huntsmoor Room                                  30                                 30
Members Room                                    100                              100

  1. In the event of any failure by the hirer to discharge his responsibilities under the foregoing conditions, he shall be solely and personally responsible to the Management Committee for making good any damage, breakage or loss and for recouping any expenses incurred by the Management Committee in reinstatement, replacement, cleaning or otherwise as a result of the hirers said failure.
  1. Unless it is otherwise specifically agreed, the hirer is responsible for providing all such catering and refreshment service and staff as he may need for the purpose of the hiring and for ensuring that all food intended to be consumed on the premises is prepared only in the kitchen and not in any other room, lobby or passage. At the end of the hiring the kitchen and its equipment are to be left in a clean and tidy condition.  All caterers must be registered according to the 1990 Food Act.
  1. The hirer shall ensure that any activity being provided for children, young people (under 18 years  of age) or vulnerable adults shall be fully compliant with the safeguarding policy of the  Management Committee (copy available upon application) and all legislative requirements currently in place in relation to those groups of people.



  1. All cancelled bookings must be paid for on a sliding scale. This sliding scale is printed on the booking form which can be obtained from the Bookings Secretary.
  1. The Management Committee reserves the right to cancel any booking at short notice upon the terms that the booking fee is refunded in full and that the Management Committee are not responsible for any loss or inconvenience caused to the hirer by such cancellation. (Although the right thus reserved to the Management Committee is absolute and unfettered, it is not to be understood without creating any contract or warranty that the right will not ordinarily be exercised except in circumstances of emergency without the Management Committee’s control).



  1. Cars must NOT be driven onto the County Council owned grass areas in front of the Village Hall premises. All guests should use the car park to the rear of the hall.  Parking is at owner’s risk.
  2. Unloading/loading must only be done at the areas marked on the map.